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[Польша]Stained glass image Marilyn Monroe

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A stained glass image is a living composition created by joining a number of glass pieces with tin or a lead profile. Fortunately, for the past few years we have observed a migration of stained glass from religious facilities, which makes stained glass a material commonly used in exterior and interior architectural design as an element increasing the aesthetic quality of both facades and interiors.

Thanks to the type of glass used and its varied texture we can achieve a marvellous play of light effects. This fact makes the stained glass image a perfect decoration for almost all types of interior, beginning with very classical and ending with ultra-modern buildings. With its form and colour completely changing the surrounding space, it looks as attractive and interesting in natural as it does in lamp light, giving you different sensations everyday, depending on light intensity.
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Модель/Номер продукта:Marilyn Monroe
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