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[Польша]Conductivity tester

• Easy in use conductivity tester with range up to 10 mS/cm. • Pocketsize splashproof housing enables work on the rain. • Fast readout stabilisation. • Steel electrodes. • Automatic Temperature Compensation (a =2%/°C). • Calibration in a sample solution. • Low price. • 12 months warranty. Range 0 ÷ 10 mS/cm Resolution 0.1 mS/cm Accuracy ±2% Temp work range 0 ÷ 50 °C Temp. compensation Automatic Power 4 x 1.5 V (LR44) Work time on battery[...]


[Польша]pH TESTER

• Measures pH of liquids with low deposits content and temperatures up to 50 °C. • Splash proof housing enables work during rain. • Fast stabilisation of the result. • Automatic temperature compensation. • 1 point calibration (in 7.00 pH buffer). • Long-lasting work on one battery set. • Not replaceable electrodes. • Price close to standard pH electrode cost. • 12 months warranty.[...]


[Польша]Conductivity / salinity meters

• Laboratory meters in benchtop housing, powered by 12V power adapter. • Measure conductivity, salinity, temperature, the CPC additionally measure pH and ORP (mV). • The CC- 502 and CPC-502 have built in thermal printer (60 mm). • Thanks a wide conductivity measuring range they may be used for both ultra pure water and thick salines measurements. • Calibration by introducing the constant K in wide range 0.01 ÷ 19.999 cm-1 or in sample solutions. • Storing of 3 constant[...]



• CX-731 and CX-741 are laboratory meters in benchtop housings. • CX-732 and CX-742 besides work in laboratory may be used in the field (5h of continuous work). • CX-731 and CX-732 enable pH, ion concentration, ORP, conductivity and temperature measurements. • CX-741 and CX-742 additionally may measure oxygen dissolved in water. • Exceptionally high accuracy of all functions. • Large back-light LCD display enables observation of the results in graphical or numerical form. •[...]


[Польша]waterproof thermo / hygrometers

• Are used for accurate relative air humidity and temperature measurements. • PWT-101 is a pocketsize meter connected with sensor without cable. • PWT-102 is connected with the sensor by cable. • PWT-103 additionally enables determining of dew point and is equipped with surface temperature probe. • Determining the dew point enables decaiding weather painting the surface in the existing conditions is advisabe. • The measurement is done with high class capacity sensor HC-1000. •[...]