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[Польша]Rotary screw compressors

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Rotary screw compressors with variable speed drive

Technical specification

ASD SFC to ESD SFC series
Motor powers from 18.5 to 250 kW
FADs from 0.56 to 44.4 m³/min
Standard pressures from 6 to 15 bar

KAESER compressors in the ASD SFC to ESD SFC series are exceptionally efficient rotary screw compressors with variable speed 1:1 drive.
The large, slow-speed KAESER airends with energy-saving SIGMA PROFILE rotors impress with outstanding performance data over the whole range of control.
The variable speed compressors in the ASD SFC to ESD SFC series are capable of 100 percent duty cycles without any increase in maintenance effort.

The compressor controller is based on a rugged, updateable industrial computer with a real-time operating system. 'Traffic light' LEDs clearly indicate the operational status.

Constant pressure
The air delivery of SFC compressors can be matched to actual air demand as indicated by system pressure by continuously varying airend speed within the control range at a constant working pressure of ±0.1 bar. The resulting reduction in maximum system pressure saves hard cash, as every unwanted bar of pressure lowers power costs by around six percent plus 25 percent of any leakage losses.

Built for higher ambient temperatures
A generously sized SFC module and efficient cooling of its separate frequency control cabinet allow the use of KAESER SFC compressors in ambient temperatures up to 45 °C.

With EMC approval
The electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) of the components and the whole package have been tested and approved in conformity with applicable directives.

Soft start with no current spikes
The soft rise in motor starting current from zero to full load without damaging current spikes leads to an almost unlimited motor starting frequency (number of possible motor starts per time period without overheating). The continuously variable acceleration and deceleration reduces dynamic loading of moving parts.
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Дополнительная информация:

Модель/Номер продукта:ASD SFC do ESD SFC
Цена:Ask for price
Качество / Безопасность, Сертификат:EMV


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