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[Польша]Dental compressors

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Units with single compressors

Dental 1T, 3T, 5T – with SECCOMAT air dryer
Dental 1, 3, 5

These new dental compressors combine high performance with compact design. Highly durable and reliable, each unit is maintenance-free and provides oil-free air with minimal power consumption. These units are perfect for continuous supply of air to dental practices with up to five treatment units and in medical and dental-technical laboratories.

Technical Specification
FAD from 65 to 524 l/min
Pressures up to 8 bar
For up to 12 treatment units or
20 dental work stations

The benefits:

* Highly efficient and reliable SECCOMAT air treatment system
* Simple installation
* Unrivalled energy efficiency
* Very quiet
* Long service life
* Minimal maintenance
* Comprehensive worldwide service network
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