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EUROMETAL Sp. z o.o.

[Польша]CNC lathe

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This lathe is designed for processing external and internal surfaces. It has ability of moulding cones, spherical surfaces (by circular interpolation) and also cutting all kinds of threads (tapered, cylindrical, frontal). For controlling is used CNC controlling: FANUC or SINUMERIC. Spindle’s drive can use: gears –three ranges of speed, inverter –fluent regulation in all of three ranges, servo engine –fluent stepless regulation in full range. Machine is available with 4-position electrical controlled tool post or 6-position head and manual or hydraulic chuck and tailstock. Central lublication system ensures correct working of ball screws and long vitality of bed guides. Lathe is equipped with brake in the end of engine’s shaft and tight guarding door protecting from chips and coolant.
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EUROMETAL Sp. z o.o.

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