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Agencja Transportowa Makro Service sp.j.

[Польша]Rail Transport

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Our transport offeris supplemented by rail transport in Europe and in particular CIS countries. We specialise in the transport of building materials, paper products, household goods, petroleum, chemical and food products.
A separate branch of our activity, which develops very dynamically, is the organisation of „project cargo” transport (in co-operation with our partners within the biggest forwarding network of this kind), i.e. transport of industrial facilities as a whole.
We propose:
· comprehensive forwarding services for rail transport,
· competitive transport rates in all routes,
· professional transport consultancy,
· detailed information and tariff calculations,
· full border service of rail shipments,
· delivery and receipt of goods from the customer’s warehouse.
We organise the reloading of goods from wagons to trucks and deliver them to the recipient’s warehouse or vice versa. We co-operate with leading Europe
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Agencja Transportowa Makro Service sp.j.

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