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F.P.H.U.TREMO Sagan Artur-Sagan Marian

[Польша]The fusing glass

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Goods which are performed with the method of fusing consisting in to setting of the differently coloured glass and sinkings of oxides of metals en masse, conjointly with streams of the light (the sun, the dusk, the shadow) extract from their own mass most beautiful colours.
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F.P.H.U.TREMO Sagan Artur-Sagan Marian

Улица:gen.Karaszewicza Tokarzewskiego 8
Почтовый индекс:31-985
Район:Lesser Poland
Телефон: +48 012 6450607
Факс: +48 012 6450607

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Имя и Фамилия: Marian Sagan
Телефон: +48 012 6450607
Сотовый: +48 607161272
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