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Chengyu Technolofy Development Co.,Ltd.

[Китай] Telephone Recording Card

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1) PCI connection general line supports PnP
2) A/C and D/C input impedance reaches 8 megohm
3) Can be used on line, broadcasting station, video, and other to record
4) Single card offers eight telephone-recording connections, which can work independently, offers press control, voice and key control record mode
5) Every channel can record, play, accept codes, send out codes, and signal order checks simultaneously
6) Supports incoming telephone number display and fixes telephone message acceptance and sending
7) Supports conference function: up to 32 member conference and multi-group conference
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Chengyu Technolofy Development Co.,Ltd.

Улица:Room 18c,Block3 Suncity Building,TaiRan Industrial Area
Почтовый индекс:518048
Телефон: +86 755 88850875883
Факс: +86 755 89808695

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Имя и Фамилия: Maple Duan
Телефон: +86 755 88850875883
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