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[Китай] Looking for business partner

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We Search & Import on behalf of companies
and Export & promote new developed products
Run Import and export since Feb. 18th 1994
Set up net-commerce chain in Feb. 18th 1999
Store management¸ QC control¸ logistics system

We are looking for local dealers in Europe
and our products is Ceramic, Air Purifier, Textile,
Metal Detector, DVD Player, Wireless Monitor, Money Detector,
Plasma & LCD TV, Sanitary, Digital Thermometer, Gold Silver gifts, Christmas Gift, Chirldren Bicycle, Water Toy......
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Почтовый индекс:200233
Телефон: +86 21 29986668
Факс: +86 21 29986998

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Имя и Фамилия: Yong Zhou
Телефон: +86 21 29986668
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