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Guangxi Bosiget Co., Ltd

[Китай] (Car) Key Chain

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Our acrylic crafts are really attractive, they are perfectly clear, shining like crystal; the colorful bugs inside just like artwork, the natural things bring people wonderment. Our crafts are exquisite collection / adornment to possess, and can be popular gifts for all people, and also can decorate automobile. We can put LOGO or marketing message inside the craft, it is very suitable as promotion gift!
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Каталог: Ювелирные изделия, подарки, украшения -> Подарки


Guangxi Bosiget Co., Ltd

Улица:No.6, Jiahu Road
Почтовый индекс:530028
Телефон: +86 771 5535408
Факс: +86 771 5535408

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Имя и Фамилия: Yola Liang
Телефон: +86 771 5535408
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