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Marmi di Carrara srl

[Италия]Azul Macaubas - Marble , grenite onyx flooring tile

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Since 1956 we are italian supplier of every kind of marble,granite,onix,travertine for any type of projects directly from our own quarries or exclusivity.Check our Catalogue and find what's your material that can suit your project (private or commercial) and we can supply you that.
Some of our own product are Bianco Carrara,Bianco Statuario,Calacatta , Arabescato ,portoro, sodalite ,green onyx, honey onyx ,White Onyx , rosso damasco in slabs , tile or cut-to-size directly from our factory.Flooring , cladding , columns , bench , tops . Please check where the tradition meets the tecnology.

Marble (use of it) , specially the traditional one like the Carrara's quarry is evolved during the years , since from the Roman ages ,underlining the expression of luxury and strenght.

Marbles such like onyx , granite and other decoration's stones are nowdays mined all over the world , but the originality , quality of the stones coming from Carrara is much more high .

Each factory is based on latest equipment but also of several yaers of experience . The Value added make the stone beacome something special and unique for all the projects.

The most important in the choise of the marble is the quality . One of the site that I found on the web and that can give you the difference beetwen the quality of products is www. where the culture of stone is jointed to art.

Bathtub,sinks , onyx marble granite travertine
Slabs cut from blocks are further processed and transformed into paving and cladding according to end-user requirements and arrangements with planners. The aim is to work to satisfy the architect and constructor´s need for originality, irrespective of the size of the project.

... so marble can be used in any situation. cutting frames transform blocks into rough slabs ready for use, whose thickness can be adjusted to end-user requirements; resin tapping, wiring, shining, polishing and brushing follow, in addition to a whole series of surface processes.
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