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Hobby-Model company

[Польша]UHU Alleskleber Super Strong & Safe 7g

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The heaviest weight lifted with glue is a Ford Pick Up Truck of 4,140 kg (9,127.14 lb). The vehicle was lifted for one hour by a crane, suspended on a steel cylinder of 7 cm diameter which was glued together one hour before using 9 drops of the commercially available household adhesive “UHU Alleskleber Super Strong&Safe” in Bühl, Germany, on 11 October 2007.

* Super strong bonding power,
* Super fast and safe,
* Repositionable - no immediate finger bonding,
* Withstands vibrations and tremors,
* Moisture and heat resistant from -50 degreesC to +100 degreesC,
* Flexible, transparent and odourless,
* 7g tube.
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Hobby-Model company

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