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[Польша]Call registration system - VoIP

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This is a system of voice registration in a packet transmission network. It enables registration of telephone calls using TCP/IP protocols for transmission. The system also makes it possible to follow calls in real time.

UNICALL VoiceRegister has been created by means of the Delphi programming environment and the ANSI C language, thanks to which it is fast and reliable. It makes it possible to register several dozen channels at the same time using a medium class PC. Registered calls are stored in the MySQL database.

The functional range of the voice registration system includes:
o choice of channels to be recorded,
o registration of calls and their conversion into Wave format,
o archiving of selected recordings in the form of a website,
o attaching text notes to individual recordings,
o searching for registered calls by means of a wide variety of search criteria,
o current creation of back-ups of registered calls.

The system consists of three basic modules:
o registering module - intercepts the RTP packet together with signalling packets of set up channels,
o processing module - divides packets intercepted by the registering module into an audio stream and information characteristic for each recording, i.e. telephone number, direction, duration of a call,
o administrative module - provides communication between the registering and processing modules and databases in which information parametring the system's operation and binary files or registered calls are stored. This module supervises the operation of the entire system.

User interaction with the system is possible thanks to specialised consoles:
o VRAdministrator - system management, modules configuration, channels setup,
o VRMonitor - monitoring of set-up channels and the possibility of interrupting a selected channel,
o VRPlayer - searching, playback, archiving of registered calls.

The registration system is fitted with an administrative module co-ordinating operation of all modules and providing communication between them. The main duties of the system's administrator are to define recorded channels, create and manage new user accounts, parametring of individual modules, activate and deactivate them and, finally, monitor operation of the entire system.

The voice registration system in a packet transmission is characterised by:
o scalability -the number of channels for registration can easily be increased,
o openness - this may be independent of standards set by manufacturers of telecom equipment,
o flexibility - this can easily be made more functional, tailored to the customers' needs.
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