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[Польша]CTI class IT system (Computer-Telephone Integration)

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UNICALL CTI is a CTI class IT system. CTI technology (Computer-Telephone Integration) defines mechanisms of co-operation between computer systems and telephone exchange infrastructures.

UNICALL CTI makes it possible to control a telephone exchange (PABX) through the implementation of a standard CSTA protocol. CSTA (Computer Supported Telephony Applications) defined by ECMA determines communication procedures between CTI class applications and the infrastructure of the PABX system.

UNICALL CTI is a "Third party connectivity" system, which means that the connection of computer and telephone systems is realised by means of the direct connection of the CTI server with the telephone exchange (see the figure below):

UNICALL CTI system has been created to provide uniform treatment for all communications channels operated in a contact centre. It is also designed to create new commercial services based on a specialised server and a digital CTI link.

The complete infrastructure of the UNICALL CTI system, which is the basis of contact centre operations includes:
o phones with tone keyboards or phones operating within a network providing ISDN services;
o subscriber's PABX system;
o LAN network;
o appropriate CTI communication server;
o PC terminal;

UNICALL CTI consists of the following elements:
o CTIServer - the system which fulfils the tasks connected with communication with the PABX exchange. The protocol for information exchange is the above-mentioned CSTA-2 standard,
o CTIConnector - the element responsible for gathering commands coming to the console which uses the CTISolution system through CTIChips. CTIConnector is responsible for receiving these commands, their validation and sending to the CTIServer. It also operates the collection of the task completion status and, optionally, sends it to the end point - CTIChip,
o CTIChip - the service element in the end system user's console. It is an OCX object installed in the system resources and, then, imported to Windows programming tools (e.g.: Visual Basic, Delphi, etc.). The component provides the methods to make it possible to hand over control to CTIConnector.
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