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[Польша]System designed to analyse the profitability of projects

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WebTimesheet is a system designed to analyse the profitability of a company's projects and to record and supervise its employees' labour time.

Main advantages of WebTimesheet:
o possibility of measuring the work efficiency of all employees included in the system;
o project profitability control;
o management of labour time of employees taking part in a project;
o remote, unlimited access to the system;
o project management support;
o on-line access to detailed reports on project completion enabling the optimisation of a company's resources management and support to the decision-making processes;
o minimising of system implementation costs through the application of open Internet technologies;
o possibility of integration with other systems (e.g. financial and accounting systems);
o security of data.

SThe system is based on Internet technology, which results in remote access for all users regardless of their location. It is a perfect solution for companies investing in employee supervision and management processes. It is also targeted at companies having department structures or trading companies whose employees frequently operate outside the head office. The application of Internet technology also ensures the reduction of system implementation and utilisation costs.

WebTimesheet is an undertaking that can settle the profitability of work done for each customer and activities connected with individual projects, departments or employees. An advanced reporting module includes numerous strategic elements, e.g. number of labour hours, time spent on a project, absence, leave or costs incurred. Additionally, the system offers the possibility of pre-defining the above parameters and adapting them to a company's needs. It also makes it possible to export data to external systems.

It is also important that the system be able to assign budget and internal costs to each employee, groups of employees or a team. Having defined a project's budget, its realisation can be monitored. This approach enables instant action should realisation time become too long and the project become unprofitable.

Along with control processes, WebTimesheet also supports employee motivation. Workers constantly follow their activities and correct the time spent on the completion of a project. Moreover, their descriptions and tips become extremely useful in lengthy operations.

Another benefit of the system is the possibility of taking into account a company's structure and superior - subordinate relations. A superior is able to constantly supervise the activities of employees and the stage of the progress of projects in the work. He / she can oversee and accept activities of his subordinates and comment on them.
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