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[Польша]WebChat software

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WebChat software is an IT system for the interactive exchange of text information - it enables many Internet users to carry out a discussion simultaneously.

WebChat functional criteria include:
o discussion monitoring by a given user called a moderator with the optional possibility of interrupting the activities of a given participant (e.g. where he / she does not comply with netiquette rules),
o filtering of text information with automation of processes, eliminating information including undesirable words (e.g. obscenities),
o controlling of processes of content visualisation through authorisation and selection of users\' statements, delaying publication of these statements.

Thanks to the dispersed Client-Server architecture, in which WebChat is realised, both discussion participants and chat guests can be anywhere (regardless of their actual location).

WebChat consists of three modules:
o a server built in Java technology for processes of statement storage and publication, user authorisation and communications processes service.
o participants\' console compatible with Java programming platform standard and Java Applets technology ensuring independence from a program platform (hypertext documents interpreter) and from hardware and system platform ,
o administrative console for the realisation of all main controlling and operational procedures (moderating discussion and publication of statements from a special \"GUEST\" or \"ADMINISTRATOR\" account).

WebChat application:
o remote training for employees (a sort of conference), e.g. periodical presentations for sales reps,
o discussion of a company\'s customers with its representatives,
o panel discussions,
o interviews with interesting chat guests when all participants are able to ask questions,
o open consultations with experts - e.g. a lawyer or a doctor - where participants may find answers to specific questions,
o themed discussions (among participants at a themed site (e.g. a site dedicated to cars).
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