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[Польша]Co-location and server hosting

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Co-location is a service consisting in locating your server in our server room. The main advantage of this solution is the fact that a company does not have to invest in Internet connection, the creation of a server room, building security systems, buying software, creating back-ups or monitoring server operation.

Our server-room has the most advanced security systems. Its windows are lined with special burglar-proof foil, and the door is locked digitally with an access code. The room can be accessed only by specially trained and authorised administrators.

The emergency power supply system is based on a UPS device enabling power to be maintained for from two to four hours. Soon, we are introducing a new generator powered emergency power supply system.

Presently, we have a connection with the POLPAK T network with 42 Mbit/s maximum capacity. The endpoint of the optical fibre installed in our headquarters (STM-1) makes it possible to achieve 155 Mbit/s - the maximum speed of the connection.

Additionally, in order to maintain continuity of operation, we have set up a spare radio connection made by Crowley Data Poland for the Data Star network.

The whole network operation is monitored and serviced by our administrators 24 hours a day.

The advantages of our server room:
o servers made by recognised companies: IBM, SUN, HP;
o installation and configuration of necessary software;
o firewall systems and the SSA data transfer protocol;
o data archiving on a given date or on customer demand;
o 24 hours a day, 7 days a week monitoring of servers and network operation;
o graphic reports on server operation;
o real-time analysis of system operation parameters;
o general security:
- burglar-proof windows and door;
- clearly defined access procedures - only authorised personnel;
- fire-control system;
- special power generators providing necessary power supply;
- air-conditioning and room temperature control.
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