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[Польша]LAN and WAN administration

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We provide an extensive range of services from planning and design, through implementation and integration, to full maintenance of your network infrastructure.

Computer network administration, its conscious utilisation and exploitation of the full range of the available network and communication and application services, require in-depth knowledge of a given solution. Not only does this knowledge concern mechanisms, techniques and technologies used to create a given computer system but also alternative solutions.

In many cases, employing full-time administrators with proper qualifications is economically ineffective. That is why system administration of a given company is often outsourced, which means that an outside company is responsible for it.

Each break in network operation leads to breaks in the operation of the company itself, causes unnecessary loss and additional costs connected with restarting the network. That is why our employees are always ready to help our customers solve any problems connected with the proper operation of a company's computer network.

We concentrate first and foremost on preventing breaks in a network's operation and minimising the risk of system breakdown. In order to achieve this, we carry out periodic audits and tests of hardware and software. The systems vital to a company's proper operation may be remotely supervised. A message informing about the improper operation of a network is immediately transferred to our employees enabling them to react promptly.

Should a breakdown occur, however, we act immediately in order to limit any negative results. The constant monitoring of a system ensures the fulfilment of the customer's requirements and gives us the possibility of foreseeing his/her future needs.

We provide a full range of services from planning and design through implementation and integration to full the maintenance of your network's infrastructure.
Our task is to help you choose a hardware-software solution proper for your company, which will ensure its unhindered development. We plan, design, create, modernise and maintain Local Area and Wide Area Networks.
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