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Webtel - Interactive Solutions

[Польша]WWW creation

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A well-designed and properly created website:

o creates a company's image on the market;
o superbly promotes and supports brand position;
o creates a platform of contacts between customers and partners and improves the quality of customer service;
o supports planning of marketing campaigns and makes it possible to test their effectiveness;
o enhances communication with press;
o sells goods and services;
o provides bases to implement, initialise and test the course of loyalty programs targeted at mass consumers;
o is a superb advertising medium;
o is a cheap and wide source of information.

An interactive project differs from other forms of publication by means of its technological advancement and numerous possibilities of IT structures. The team responsible for creating an interactive communication platform, its visual side and its system of communication with the target audience must consist of people specialising in various fields.

Our team consists of:

o analysts, e-marketing and PR specialists,
o computer art designers,
o animation and multimedia specialists,
o Internet programmers and database specialists.

Additionally, in the case of advanced projects, the team is aided by programmers normally working on advanced ICT and multi-channel communications solutions.

KCreation is our passion and coming up with ingenious and innovative idea is a constant source of energy.
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Webtel - Interactive Solutions

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