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Webtel - Interactive Solutions

[Польша]Co-location and server hosting

Co-location is a service consisting in locating your server in our server room. The main advantage of this solution is the fact that a company does not have to invest in Internet connection, the creation of a server room, building security systems, buying software, creating back-ups or monitoring server operation. Our server-room has the most advanced security systems. Its windows are lined with special burglar-proof foil, and the door is locked digitally with an access code. The room can be accessed[...]

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[Польша]LAN and WAN administration

We provide an extensive range of services from planning and design, through implementation and integration, to full maintenance of your network infrastructure. Computer network administration, its conscious utilisation and exploitation of the full range of the available network and communication and application services, require in-depth knowledge of a given solution. Not only does this knowledge concern mechanisms, techniques and technologies used to create a given computer system but also alternative[...]

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[Польша]Design and installation of LAN and WAN

The professional installation and further integration of the entire hardware, software and peripheral devices and data storage ensures the proper and uninterrupted operation of our customer's entire IT system. The efficient and productive operation of a company's computer network often connecting its local branches is a vital condition for a company's development in the New Economy era. Spontaneous implementation, the uncontrollable development of a company's computer network without prior planning[...]

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[Польша]Network services - advisory services

We are ready to undertake complicated, non-standard and unconventional analyses of an existing computer system or one at the design stage. The bases of the IT infrastructure of each company are the computer systems and networks with stored data. The correct design of every such system is a complicated and complex process. Nevertheless, even the most perfectly designed system requires modernisation. In the life of a dynamically developing company, new requirements and needs appear which are[...]

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