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Страна: Испания

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[Испания]Hi-Visibility Workwear

Hi-Visibility Workwear, Overalls, Shirts, Trousers, Jackets Certified to EN 340, EN 471, Wide range of colours available Hi-vis yellow can be combined with 11 other combinations Hi-vis Orange can be combined with 11 other combinations. All certified to EN 471.[...]


[Испания]Workwear Overalls

Workwear Overalls Available in various qualities combed,carded, polyester/cotton Elastic cuffs and back for greater freedom of movement Durable Cotton and polyester/cotton blends suitable for industrial washing Wid range of colours and styles available.[...]


[Испания]Hi-visibility, Flame Retardant, Anti-static Bodywarmer

Hi-Visibility Body warmer, Flame retardant and Antistatic, Teflon Treated for greater resistence to stains, water, oil and chemical splashed and sprays. Inherently flame retardant fibres of modacrylic, cotton and antistatic fibre. Certified EN 340, EN 531 A,B1,C1,E1, EN 1149, EN 471 With 3M reflective bands and 3M Thinsulate padding. Other version available in Navy Blue with reflective bands Navy Blue without reflective bands[...]