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[Франция]Led Warning Triangle

Led Warning Triangle 21 LED In France , only Lorries have been bound to have safety triangles since the generalisation of hazard warning lights on every kind of vehicles. Yet, it proves very useful when you find yourself stuck in a curve or just at the end of it. It is an efficient way to warn the other drivers of your presence and to avoid a more severe accident. To be efficient, you must put the triangle into place at least 30 meters in front of your vehicle or before a curve if needed. Indeed,[...]


[Франция]Kit of depannage Express

Including kit: - BAG. - LAMP. - CROWBARS OF BATTERIES. - A LAMP. - ROPE. The necessities in a contingency to manage only, in the most common awkward situations.[...]


[Франция]Anti Drowsy Alert Driver

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as manufacturer of Anti drowsy alert device called NO NAP your life guard on long drive. Purpose of introducing NONAP Thousands of people are killed on our national highways each year. Many of these accidents are a result of drivers falling asleep at the wheel. Now finally, we think that there is an answer to this devastating problem! NO NAP. Function of NO NAP 90% of accidents occur due to driver error and driver drowsiness is the major one[...]