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[Китай]Flyback Recovery Card: Net Copy between Different LAN Cards

Key Specifications/Special Features: 1) Quick install, plug-and-play 2) Net copy function help copy the recovery card installation program into other computers plugged with PCI network recovery card, so that administrators do not need to install network recovery card one by one 3) auto assign IP address for all the computers in LAN 4) Network recovery card is a powerful PCI card helps administrators maintain hundreds of computers in LAN with seconds by just click keys on the major computer[...]


[Китай]USB Wireless PC Lock

This Wireless PC Lcok is the security solution that continues to protect the PC when the user has logged on. The user also can use this product to avoid the snooper touching the PC. Besides, the user also can use the TX part to set up the time of the PC. Features: 1. One unique “Security Code” in the Transmitter part. Computer will recognizes the code automatically. 2. One transmitter can be shared with several PC. 3. Operation Frequency:315 MHZ for FCC / 434MHZ for CE. 4. Transmitter[...]



Product Name: HD HPE SP Main Functions: Disassemble the Disks; exchange the head/platter/Motor (SalvationDATA 3+1: Stage+1___Mechanical Component Exchanging) When customers give you drives to repair and the drives have damage in the head, platter, motor, it is required to disassemble the disks and repair it in a good envirnment to avoid a second damage and protect the data ultimately. Our product HD HPE PRO provides solution to this requirement. Main Features: Easy to use; Universal-fit[...]