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Категория: Безопасность -> Поставки для охранных агенств, полиции и армии

Страна: Великобритания

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[Великобритания]Ordance searce / bomb disposal

Our company manufactures a full range of ordnace searce and bomb disposal equipment with the latest technology. We also produce inhibitors and electronic counter measures. Full details available to authorised personel upon request.[...]


[Великобритания]Body Armor and Personal Protection Equipment

TFLDEFENCE manufacture and distribute a full range of equipment to protect both military and civil personel during their assingments in hostile enviroments which include.... Combat Helmets to latest technology Body Armor with full range of latest Ballistic Plates Riot Control Helmets..Shields..Batons..and equipment Inflatable Mine Shoes Deming Boots.. Visors and Clothing Bomb Blankets Floor Blankets and Seat Protection Systems for un- armored vehicles A range of personal safety items[...]


[Великобритания]Building protection from Blasts and Terriost attack

We carry out contracts to goverment/civil and military buildings and bases including embassies againts blast migration due to terriost attacks and severe weather conditions. We also provide blast protected towers and control rooms for Border Crossings, Check points, Customs posts etc ,which gives protection to those on duty there from small arms fire,rocket/grenade and blast attacks whilst they carry out their duties. For full information please contact us.[...]


[Великобритания]Sell Bullet Proof Leather Jacket.

BULLET-PROOF LEATHER JACKET (SPORT) It is the unique conception of bullet that is done by the association of the ballistic and leather experts of our company. Our products made by 100%leather that is why in the social surroundings it provides the stylish apperance for you. The product is generally preferred by bodyguards, military forces, journalists on the theatre of war, police and soldiers and as well as shop keepers. Provides maximum safety and protection to you. Standard: NIJ 0101.04[...]


[Великобритания]Military and emergency facilities

Tfldefence have many years experiance in setting up mobile emergency camps for relief orgainisations and can offer either a single building or a complete faclity to house an entire operation. We offer the following... Steel Modular Buildings shipped in containers and simple to erect needing no heavy equipment which includes... Food Storage Buildings....I.T Centres...Living Quarters....Barracks....HQ centre...Workshops....Canteen facilities fully equipped....Hardstanding areas...Heli landing pads....Full[...]