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[Китай]Smoke gas detector alarm sensor

Model: JY-YG-010 smoke and fire detector, when the smoke density exceed the pre-determined standard, then it will send signal to the main panel to alarm. It can combine alarm system for use and it can use alone. Widely used at kitchen, hospital, supermarket, bank, warehouse, hotel, etc. Feature: Wireless installation, wireless transmitter, DIY project High quality flame retardant material for the plastic covers High sensitive chips inside and strong anti-interfere Self-alarm when the[...]


[Китай]Microprocessor Control Flammable Gas Detector with Solenoid Valve

Microprocessor Control Flammable Gas Detector with Solenoid Valve Gas Controller The product is wall mounted gas detector with high stability. It is used for detecting leaking gas. Advanced semiconductor sensor is adopted to ensure high stability and long life. It is convenient for mounting. The product is suitable for the safety of residential house, villas, hotels, markets, boarding house and hazardous areas indoors and outdoors where combustible gas is produced. Main Features: 1. high sensitivity[...]


[Китай]acid-proof clothes

MKP-18 Acid-proof Costume MATERIALS:acid-proof cloth CHARACTERISTICS:high acid-proof and good breathe-free trait, wear-durability and handiness traits. STYL:body-divided(including coat,trousers) SPECS:S,M,L USEFULNESS:It is used by the worker who works in the acid workplace[...]


[Китай]Fire resistant vest

MKP-14 Fire Resistant Vest MATERIAL:100% cotton cloth coated with aluminum foil CHARACTERISTICS:It is characterized by fire resistant and heat insulation ,anti-radiant heat, etc. STYLE:vest without collar and sleeves SPECS:1.1m length USEFULNESS:It is used in the high temperature situation,such as the oil,chemical, metallurgy,glass workplaces,ect.[...]


[Китай]sullage resistant clothes

MKP-25 Sullage Resistant Costume MATERIAL: PVC CHARACTERISTICS:good water repellent performance, good resistance to vitriol,acid-alkali proof,durable and easy to clean STYLE:body-connected SPECS:S,M,L COLORS:blue,red,yellow[...]


[Египт]BAVARIA Mobile Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher

BAVARIA Mobile Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher External Pressure Cylinder Operated Type: TORNADO-M (50Kg) Platinum Series  A one man-operational unit  High extinguishing efficiency  Allows repeated operation and intermittence at will  Chrome-plated valve head with a mechanical over-pressure safety valve  Equipped with a pressure release valve and a pressure gauge for pressure control  Propelled with a 3 l external pressure cylinder  Equipped with a[...]


[Китай]fireproof and heat insulation shoes

MKP-09 Fireproof and Heat Insulation Shoes MATERIALS:fire resistant cloth coated with aluminum foil and molding-rubber bottom CHARACTERISTICS:It is characterized by fire resistant,heat insulation , waterproof, anti-puncture traits,etc. SPECS:25cm,26cm,26cm,27cm USEFULNESS:It is used in the high temperature situation,such as steel, glass, metallurgy,pottery and porcelain workplaces,etc.GA209.[...]


[Египт]BAVARIA Water/Foam Fire Fighting Traile

BAVARIA Water/Foam Fire Fighting Trailer Type: BAVARIA 400-WF The BAVARIA 400-WF Fire Fighting Trailer is a water/foam one-axle trailer with a mounted portable pump and a 400 l foam tank, designed for fire fighting in high risk areas such as industrial and petroleum complexes and in areas of limited fire truck accessibility, such as rural areas, hotels and beach resorts. Equipment:  400 l stainless steel foam tank  One portable fire-fighting pump, type TOHATSU, VC82ASE. [...]


[Китай]flame restardant clothes

MKP-15/16 Flame-retardant Costume MATERIALS:Common Flame-retardant Cloth or Permanent Flame-retardant Cloth CHARACTERISTICS:heat insulation, agility, handiness,comfort traits. STYLE: body-divided(including coat,trousers) and body-connected. SPECS:S,M,L USEFULNESS:It is used in the high temperature situation, such as glass, metallurgy, pottery and porcelain workplaces.[...]


[Китай]RHZK5.0/30 air breathing apparatus

The RHZK series Positive Pressure Air Breathing Apparatus is a kind of automatic open-type air air breathing device. It is mainly applicable in firefighting, chemical industry, ships and vessel, petroleum, smelting and mine industries. It can help the fireman or the ambulance men to safely extinguish the fire, to safely deal with an emergency, or to safely carry out the rescue work in adverse circumstances where there are full of dense smoke, poisonous gas, steam ,or lack of oxy The air breathing[...]