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[Китай]fireproof clothes

MKF-01 Fire Preventing Costume Materials:fireproof and high temperature protective layer, heat resistant layer, water proof layer, comfortable layer, etc. CHARACTERISTICS:advanced fireproof and heat insulation traits, it can be worn in the 1300℃ workplace. STYLE:body-divided(including coat,trousers,face shield,safety hat set in the face shield, two fingers gloves, fire preventing shoes. SPECS:S,M,L USEFULNESS: the fire fighter wears the suit for protecting himself when putting out a fire[...]


[Китай]Nitrile Glove

Unsupported nitrile glove, cotton flock lined or unlined[...]


[Китай]Latex Coated KEVLAR Glove A01C-001

Product Description 10 Gauge KEVLAR shell with latex palm coated, cut resistant glove[...]


[Китай]Latex Household Glove

Unsupported glove, cotton flock lined or unlined[...]


[Китай]non dust heat insulation gloves

MKP-11 Non-dust Heat Insulation Gloves MATERIALS:PTFE layer, fire resistant and heat insulation felts,comfortable layer. STYLE:two fingers,three fingers,five fingers SPECS:22cm[...]


[Китай]steel making clothes

Steel Making Costume MATERIALS:fire resistant cloth coated with aluminum foil, flame-retardant cloth CHARACTERISTICS:It is characterized by fire resistant and heat insulation, anti-radiant heat, anti-matal fuse,breathe freely and wear comfortably,etc. STYLE:body-divided(including coat,trousers) SPECS:S,M,L USEFULNESS:It is used in the high temperature situation, such as the oil, chemical, metallurgy, glass workplaces,etc.[...]


[Китай]Nitrile Coated Glove A01B-001

Product Description 13G nylon seamless knit shell with nitrile palm coated.[...]


[Китай]PVC Boots

We are a special supplier for pvc boots including rain boots and special boots for safety boots, foodstuffs. 1.Special boots for fir-controll and ordinary working boots. The boots, whose material is up to the minute, are once injected by a special craftwork.anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-oil, anti-high-temperature are the main characteristics. 2.The safety boot which is with steel top and sole is anti-tamped and anti-puncture. so it is the absolutely necessary for oil fields, the mines the architectures. 3.[...]


[Китай]Latex Coated Glove A01A-001

Product Description 10 Gauge T/C shell with latex palm coated Application Ideal for assembly, construction, inspection, material handling, landscaping and gardening[...]



including flame-resistant workwear, waterproof workwear, painting workwear and other kinds of different function workwear .[...]