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[Китай]High purity alumina for sapphire crystal

CAS No.:1344-28-1 Specification: 1. Style: VK-L100G Appearance: White powder Size: 0.2-3um Density, g/cm3: 0.4-1 Purity, % : 99.999 Si, ppm: 3 Na, ppm: 1 Fe, ppm: 3 Ca, ppm: 1 Mg, ppm: 1 2. Style: VK-L100K Appearance: White pellet Size: 50mm/60mm Density, g/cm3: 3.3-3.7 Purity, % : 99.999 Si, ppm: 3 Na, ppm: 1 Fe, ppm: 3 Ca, ppm: 1 Mg, ppm: 1 3. Style: VK-L100Q Appearance: White beads Size: 1.5-3.5mm Density, g/cm3: 0.7-1.3 Purity, % : 99.999 Si, ppm: 3 Na, ppm:[...]


[Китай]Transparent ceramic alumina

CAS: 1344-28-1 Crystalline ceramic is widely used for HPSL, bearings, infrared optical element and high frequency insulation materials, based on its special optical property. It also has characteristics of heat resistance, corrosion resistance and high thermal conductivity. This high purity alumina is especially developed for crystalline ceramic. Specification: 1. Style No.: VK-L200N Crystal: a Appearance: White powder Size: 0.2-0.3um Density (g/cm3): 0.3-0.5 Purity: 99.9999% Si : ≤0.3ppm Fe:[...]


[Китай]cable seals/plastic seals/bolt seals

China Guangzhou WangSu Hardware Plastics Factory produces and supplies nylon cable ties, nylon tie lines,closed terminal, self-tapping screws, pull all kinds of special-shaped screw bolts explosion. Tie-line specifications, full range of plastic materials can meet the different needs of different customers. The company has nine tie lines of 1,200 tons annual production and sales. Products have passed the SGS certification authority of the six kinds of hazardous substances testing. The company's[...]


[Китай]top quality fashion lady handbag OEM factory

handbag/tote bag/purse /Wallet OEM factory Material: fabrics: PU. 210D in cloth:. # 5 nylon zipper The internal structure: pen sidekicks, card bag, cell phone bags, zero purse. Outside zipper zero purse packing:Filling copy paper, each handbag in an OPP bag, 24 in an export special cartons number:40HQ/[...]


[Китай]Sell new item scissors,kitchen scissors,knife set

YangJiang MinCheng Industrial Limited is specializing in producing various kinds of scissors, kitchen knives, table wares, kitchen wares,manicure set etc .Web:www.minchengscissors.com With more than 7,000 square meters standard workshop and 200 skilled workers working in the factory, YangJiang MinCheng Industrial Limited imports advanced equipment ,and owns maturely producing technics and efficient product line, Our products has been selling very well to abroad for more than ten years, and have[...]


[Китай]sales mobile jaw crusher

DongMeng Road & Bridge Machinery TEL:021-68911951 High-reliability China Crusher a. Each machine is specially designed at our mobile crusher plant according to the characteristics of portable crushing, not just "bring to make combination" b. Electrical components, motor, bearing and other important parts all use top-notch brands from China or abroad.[...]


[Китай]XAJTTitanium wire/foil and strip

Specification and standard for wire,foil and strip: Titanium wires: Grade:GR1 GR2 GR4 GR5 , SIZE:diameter(0.1-6.0)*L. standard:GB/3623-98,AWSA5,16,AMS Titanium foil:Grade:GR1 GR2 Specification: A:For M(Annealing codition):0.4-0.8TX50-300wXabove 1000t B:For Y(Cold rolld condition)0.01-0.3TX50-300WXAbove 5000t Standard:GB3622-83 Titanium strip (0.10-0.30T)X(50-300)WX(>=500)L (0.40-0.90T)X(50-500)W X(>=1000)L (1.0-2.0T)X(50-500)WX(>=2000)L[...]


[Китай]XAJTTitamnium tube and pipe

Titamnium tube and pipe Specification and Standard for Titanium Tubes and Its Alloys: Description:Rolled Seamless Tube Grade:GR1 GR2 GR3 GR7 GR9 GR12 GR16 GR17 Size(mm):(3-114)(0.2-6.0)WL Standard:GB/T3624-95 ,GB/T3625-95 ASTMB337,ASTMB338 ASME SB337, ASME SB338 Description:Seamless Tube Grade:GR1 GR2 GR3 GR7 GR9 GR12 GR16 GR17 Size(mm):(10-75)(0.5-5.0)W15000mm Standard:GB/T3624-95, GB/T3625-95 ASTMB337,ASTMB338 ASME SB337, ASME S Description:Extruded Tube Grade:GR2 Size(mm):(25-210)(6.0-30)WL Standard:Q/BS5631-95 Quality[...]


[Китай]Power coating glidant

CAS: 1344-28-1 Good dispersibility and big BET, specially used as glidant. Specification: 1. Style: VK-L30M Crystal: Alpha 75%, gamma 25% BET, m2/g: 100±15 Particle size, nm: 10-20 Loss on dry, 105℃ 2h %: ≤1.0 Loss on ignition, 1000℃2h %: ≤3.0 AL2O3, %: ≥99.99% 2. Style: VK-L50M Crystal: Alpha 85%, gamma 15% BET, m2/g: ≥50 Particle size, nm: 30nm Loss on dry, 105℃ 2h %: ≤1.0 Loss on ignition, 1000℃2h %: ≤3.0 AL2O3, %: ≥99.99% Application: 1. Used in[...]


[Китай]HB High speed roll up door ,Supply PVC fabric door

High speed roll up door is more than 0.6 meters per second speed of the door, is the rapid lifting barrier isolation gate, its main function is to heat, moisture, dust, pest control, sound insulation, the workshop to keep constant temperature, constant humidity, clean working environment. Apply to food, medicine, electronics, rubber, chemical, automotive, textile, logistics and other fields. With the increasingly high requirements for food safety, drug safety and other fields, the domestic brand[...]