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[Китай]Low price kinds of ceramic frit

JM810 169 750 1040-1100 Suitable for 1040 ~ 1100 degree, double fast firing wall tiles.Mainly for size of 150*600(mm) foot line,150*800(mm) wall tiles.Best color emissivity, low temperature,stable quality JM816 330 600 1020-1100 High coefficient of expansion,fit for adjusting coefficient of expansion of bottom glaze and surface glaze. JM817 175 750 1030-1080 All firing range, brightness is good, mainly for low-temperature fast firing 200 * 300,250 * 330 interior glazed tiles, glazed tiles for[...]


[Китай]Perforated Metal Mesh in different shape/Sterling Wire Mesh and Belt Factory

•Made of sheet of aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, Al-Mg alloy and copper •Perforation patterns: round, square, slotted perforations, fish scale, hexagonal and cross •Product in piece or in roll •Width of the sheet from 0.1 to 6.0mm[...]


[Китай]wire mesh tube

Sterling manufactures purpose-made filters, pressings and filter elements to customers’ specifications. Facilities including welding, spot welding, seam welding and press forming.[...]


[Китай]Sterling Wire Mesh and Belt Factory-Wire Mesh Disc

Sterling manufactures purpose-made filters, pressings and filter elements to customers’ specifications. Facilities including welding, spot welding, seam welding and press forming. Other facilities include the high speed cutting of stainless steel or plain discs, together with a variety of shaped screens. These can be supplied as separate components or combined in varying meshes, spot welded together or bound with aluminium, stainless steel rims to form multi-layer screen packs and spinneret filters.[...]


[Китай]polyester plain woven mesh

The 2-shed and 3-shed plain fabric are mainly used in special lines, such as paper pulps making, Sulplate pulp packing and cardboard pulp and fiberboard plants, etc.[...]


[Китай]Full Completment cylindrical roller bearings SL1829/530(NCF29/530)DSCBEARINGS

Full Completment cylindrical roller bearings SL1829/530(NCF29/530) DSC-BEARINGS DSC/SKF INA NCF 3028V SL18 3028 NCF 2228V SL18 2228 NCF 2930V SL18 2930 NCF 3030V SL18 3030 NCF 2230V SL18 2230 NCF 2932V SL18 2932 NCF 3032V SL18 3032 NCF 2232V SL18 2232 NCF 2934V SL18 2934 NCF 3034V SL18 3034 NCF 2234V SL18 2234 NCF 2936V SL18 2936 NCF 3036V SL18 3036 NCF 2236V SL18 2236 NCF 3038V SL18 3038 NCF 2238V SL18 2238 NCF 1840V SL18 1840 NCF 2940V SL18 2940 NCF 3040V SL18 3040 NCF[...]


[Китай]Sell vinyl cutter from China CREATION PCUT CR1200

PCUT MOST POPULAR MODEL OF CUTTING PLOTTER--CR1200 1.CREATION PCUT popular model. 2.USB interface, high speed data transmission. 3.Digital force adjustment,Double high torque force motor. 4.Metal carriage, more stable. 5.High-precision rollerstick. 6.Work prefectly with Coreldraw and Adobe Illustrator. Type:CR1200(48') Mainboard:32bit CPU,16Mb high speed CACHE memory Driver:High speed stepping motor,micro-step driver Position:Electrical margin,any origin setting Supporting and feeding:Desktop[...]


[Китай]Cheap cabinet knobs|www.diecastingpulls.com

Best value for cabinet knobs_Pay Nengfu sellers' lowest price![...]


[Китай]Olight Flashlights are armed with experience in creating high quality flashlights

Olight was established in 2006 as a manufacturer for high end, high quality illumination tools. Olight originally mainly focused on the outdoor and enthusiast markets. After the first models were released, we received positive feedback from many customers in those markets. Armed with experience in creating high quality flashlights, in 2008 we entered into the tactical market and began designing products tailored to the military, law enforcement, and government agencies. Our M series met with great[...]


[Китай]Simple Junction Box for off grid system

Our company main products: Combiner box ( it have with monitor and without monitor,it is reduce connection between PV module and inverter). Simultaneous access to multiple photovoltaic arrays; each channel current up to 10A; to meet the needs of different users. *With reliable, lighting and surge protection, solar photovoltaic DC high voltage lighting protection device, all with positive doubt negative lightning protection function. *Wide range DC voltage input; DC high voltage circuit breaker[...]