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[Китай]Angle Grinder and Impact Drill

115mm Angle Grinder and 13mm Impact Drill kit Model: GK9015 Power tool kit in BMC 13mm impact drill 500W 115mm angle grinder 500W Packing in blow mold case with drill bits. Certificate: CE, GS EMC, RoHS Also we have many other power tools, such as rotary hammer, demolition hammer, circular saw, marble cutter, cut-off machine, planer, jig saw etc. For DIY and professional use. Please contact us for more info.[...]


[Китай]Flip over saw

Item no.: FOS-CMT02 Power: 2000 W Electrical: 230V/50Hz Motor: induction motor with brake device TCT circular saw blade: Φ250xΦ30x2.8x32T Rotary speed: 3000rpm Power transfer: Nylon belt Mitre angle: -45°~ +45°( mitre saw mode) Bevel angle: 0°~ +45° Max. cutting depth 0°: 75mm(mitre saw) 65mm(table saw) Max. cutting depth 45°mitre: 75mm(mitre saw) Max. cutting depth 45°bevel: 50mm(mitre saw) 45mm(table saw) Max. cutting depth 45°mitre+bevel: 50mm(mitre saw) Max. cutting width[...]


[Китай]CE Switching power supply

(1). Rated input voltage: AC 110/220V+/-15%; (2). Rated input current: AC 220V/AC0. 75A; AC110V/AC1. 5A; (3). Rated output Voltage: DC 6-15V, controled by TTL signal; (4). Rated output current: 0-8A(Max: 10A at 12V); (5). Rated output power: 180W; (6). Small size, light weight; (7). Compact size, light weight; Low price, high reliability; (87). Wide input range; Build in EMI filter, low ripple noise; (9). Short circuit/over voltage/overload protection; (10). High efficiency, low[...]


[Китай]Led Phamacy Cross Display for sell

110 CROSS SPEC. *Super thin and slim display body and easily to maintain(modules can be removed and maintained from the front). *Wireless control to a great distance 100m without any barriers. *Wireless communication. *Low power consumption *Waterproof design for outdoor use; outside metal frame can be sprayed in color of customer's choice. *Single-side/ double-side display optional *Size: 105.7x137.7x15cm Module: 16x16pixel *Weight: 66kgs(double-side display) VISIONLED SOFTWARE * supports[...]


[Китай]32mm, 1050W, 85000N Magnetic Base Drill

Model No.: CE3200 Input Power: 1050W Rated Speed: 0-650RPM Hole Drill: 12-32mm Max Attraction: 8500N Max Travel: 120mm Rotated Axis Taper: Weldon Shank Drill Depth: 50mm Drill Mode: Hand Cool Mode: Self-cool[...]


[Китай]50mm, 1500W, 15000N Magnetic Core Drill

Model No.: CE9050A Input Power: 1500W Rated Speed: 100-500RPM Hole Drill: 12-50mm Twist Drill: 23mm Max Attraction: 15000N Max Travel: 180mm Rotated Axis Taper: MT3 Drill Depth: 50mm Drill Mode: Hand Cool Mode: Self-cool Approval: CE[...]


[Китай]38mm, 1050W, 2 Variable Speed Magnetic Drill

Model No.: CE9438 Input Power: 1050W Rated Speed: 0-500RPM & 0-800RPM Hole Drill: 12-38mm Twist Drill: 23mm Max Attraction: 12000N Max Travel: 180mm Rotated Axis Taper: MT2 Drill Depth: 50mm Tap Capacity: M8-M16 Drill Mode: Hand Cool Mode: Self-cool[...]


[Польша]Milwaukee Kango 9OO demolishing hammer

Usage: • Cutting / smashing concrete, walls, bricks or asphalt • Making in mesh fraying of walls • Cleaning / scraping of floors (removing plaster, mortar or heavy deposits, wastes from hard floors). • Compressing contrete, aggregate or soil • Shaking • Dry compressing • Digging frozen soil, clay, chalk, gravel for foundations, graves, etc. • Introducing earth electrodes Milwaukee Kango 95O Multi-functional hammer Usage: the same as Milwaukee Kango 900 and: • Drilling[...]



[Китай]200W Power Inverter with DC5V USB Port Output

PI2012-USB converts 12 volt DC power to standard household 110 or 220 volt AC power, which allows you to run AC electrical equipment off your car or marine battery for mobile applications, emergencies or simple convenience. Specification: Rated Power: 200W Max Power: 250W Peak Power: 500W Input Voltage: DC10~15V Output Voltage: AC220V or AC110V USB Output Voltage: 5V Output Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz Converter Efficiency: 90% No-load Current: <200mA Low Voltage Protection: DC10.25V Over[...]


[Китай]Self fusing silicone rubber tape

Silicone Rubber Electrical Tapes is a high-temperature arcand track-resistant tape composed of selffusing, inorganic silicone rubber and easytear and easy-strip liner. Applications of silicone rubber tape As an overwrap for protection of terminating high-voltage cables against arcing and tracking. High-voltage cables with these insulations should be overwrapped: Butyl rubber Oil-base rubber Ethylene propylene rubber P.V.C. Low and high-density polyethylene cross-linked As primary[...]