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[Китай]Manual Textile Screen Printing machine (Carousel)

This CT carousel is for textile/garment screen printing industry, such as garments, T-shirts and sport cloths, bags, PVC sheet, Umbrella and so on. CT-6C/6S 1, Colos: 6; 2, Stations: 6; 3, Station Size: 400x550 mm; 4, Station Materials: 6 mm PU plate and 8 mm Aluminum plate; 5, Micro-adjustment System: Have (Left-to-Right; Front-to-Back and with Angles); 6, Working Area: 270 x 270 cm; 7, Net Weight: 250 kg; 8, Packing Dimension: 180x180x150 cm; we can make the 4c/4s; 6c/6s and 8c/8s[...]


[Китай]4-color 4 station screen printing machine

Feature: 1.4 Color steel press with stand. 2.Rotating base and brass bushings. 3.Consistent front, back, left, right, high and low makes it easy 4.to use for multiple color prints. 5.There is literally no maintenance. 6.The head comes assembled & ready to attach to the base. 7.Location lock that helps lock the arm in place while in the printing position. 8.All Tubular Steel Construction. 9.Adjustable Screen Tension Hold Down. Parameter Color: 4 color station: 4 station Plate[...]


[Китай]Low dew point combined compressed air dryer

Low Dew Point Combined Compressed Air Dryer Working pressure: 0.6~1.0Mpa Pressure drop: ≤0.05Mpa Inlet temperature: 45ºC Dew point: -40ºC~-70ºC Cooling watre temperature: ≤32ºC (water cooling) Purge air: 3~5% Control mode: micro-program controller Installation mode: indoor, non-basement[...]


[Южная Корея]Embroidery machine and textile machinery dealer in South Korea.

We have following machiner for sell machine is still running at the mill. ZSK MSCI CONTROLLER. 25HEAD 9COLOR 240X1000 WITH SEQUINS DEVICE ATTACHED ON EACH HEAD ( YOU USE 4MM TO 9MM SPANGLE ) THIS MACHINE IS ORIGINAL ZSK SEQUIN DEVICE. YEAR 2001. AND WITH TFT MONITOR. *** We have following machine for sell. BRAND MODEL HEAD COLOR AREA . [...]


[Индия]Offer sewing Machines and Spare Parts

We would like to introduce ourselves as exporters of everything in sewing machines and spares parts. We would like to propose the highest quality products the most reasonable price and the on time delivery. We mainly export all kinds of household (domestic) and industrial sewing machines and their parts, overlock machines, round knife cutting machines, zigzag sewing machines, bag closing sewing machines, button covering machines, all types of sewing machine motors, stand and table, and all[...]


[Китай]Dual/ Two color Injection Molding Machine

Dual-color Injection Molding Machine 1. It applies main and side two injection unit. Two screws are controlled by professional computer procedure to realize simultaneous or alternative injection. Different patterns can be molded. 2. It’s used to produce sandwich injection parts that lower the production cost. 3. The machine is widely used to process dual color injection molding. Plastic materials like PP, PE and PS etc. Ningbo Kingway Machinery Co., Ltd Technical parameter Item [...]


[Китай]Laser Cutting Machine for Textile & Apparel Fabric/Cloth (JG-10060/JGSH-10060)

Laser Cutting Machine for Textile & Apparel Fabric/Cloth (JG-10060/JGSH-10060) Precise cutting, high speed and easy operation. Personalization of process and precision. Emulation mode show of laser head movement. Multi-path optimization function. Machine performance is safe, reliable, and cost-effective. Particularly suits for cutting in garment industry. Technical Parameter Laser Type     CO2 Hermetic and Detached Laser Tube Laser Power     65W Cutting Area    1000mm×600mm Cutting Speed    0-30000mm/min Movement System   Offline control system, Step motor Power Supply    AC220V±5% / 50Hz Format Support     AI,[...]


[Польша]Ленточная раскройная машина Rexel R1000

Ленточная раскройная машина Rexel R1000 является удобным в работе и высокопроизводительным оборудованием, обепечивающим высокую точность раскроя элементов одежды из разных типов тектильных материалов (хлопковых тканей, трикотажа, искусственных тканей, утеплителей и т.д.) уложенных[...]



[Польша]Утюжильная форма (подушка) производитель REXEL

Утюжильная форма (подушка) производитель REXEL Утюжильная форма (подушка) для рукавов в чехле с электронагревателем. В комплекте: утюжильная форма (подушка) и элемент крепления. Подушка оснащена электронагревателем и штекером Размеры: Длина 575 мм, Ширина: 90 – 65 мм Толщина:[...]



[Китай]Sell V-3 Hot air seam sealing machine for Shoes, Gloves, PVC, PU tape

V-3 HOT AIR SEAM SEALING MACHINE FOR SHOES It is Specialized machine with SHOE POST ROLLER, a narrow post with a smaller roller, designed for the tape sealing shoe, gloves ==Product Features== 1. Controlled by programmable PLC with HMI soft-touch display, process can be modified according to Users' requirements. 2. Auto controllable temperature with high stability slightly varies between±2oC. Warning device for temperature upper limit is installed to protect heating wire. 3. It has[...]