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[Китай]Castertips for Aluminum Strip Continous Cast-rolling

Aluminium Silicate Castertips: Production Description: Aluminum silicate castertips are the key parts of the continuous aluminum trip casting machine which directly effect the quality of aluminum sheets. The castertips can be divided into many types according to different casting machines. Physical and chemical index of ZIBO TAISHENG: Al2O3 content: 50-51% Max working temp: 1250℃ SiO2 content: 48-49% Continuous working temp: 800℃ Slag content: <0.06% Compression strength: ≥0.15Mpa Burning[...]


[Китай]Silicon Nitride Riser Tube/Stalk tube for Aluminum Casting

Silicon Nitride Riser/Stalk Tube Product Description Silicon nitride riser tube is the key part of the low pressure casting. It is the ideal materials of the metallurgy industry because of excellent characteristics. After using, it can not only improve the quality of the casting products but also reduce the cost. The service life is 5-20 times longer than the traditional tube, so the replacement of the riser tube is reduced and the continuous of the production is ensured. Physical and chemical index Types Gas[...]


[Китай]Silicon Nitride Thermocouple Protection Tube

Silicon Nitride Thermocouple Protection Tube Product Description Thermocouple’s long-time stability and service life will be up to outside protection tube. Thermocouple shielded by silicon nitride thermocouple sheath will quickly react to temperature due to its good thermal conductivity and thinner wall thickness. Silicon nitride thermocouple protection tube is for continuous temperature measurement and protect thermocouple without erosion. Physical and chemical index Types GPSN RSSN Density >3.2g/cm3 >2.4g/cm3 Si3N4[...]


[Китай]Wear Resistant Alumina Ceramic Lining Pipe/Bend

Alumina ceramic tube Product Description The alumina ceramic tube is molding in one, so slurry couldn’t permeate it. Moreover, the technology of isostatic pressing is good for uniformity of ceramic crystal structure, then its wear resistance is superior to ceramic tiles in same material. Technique Data Items 92% 95% Al2O3% ≥92 ≥95 Fe2O3% ≤0.20 ≤0.15 Mohs' hardness 8 9 Water Absorption (%) ≤0.02 ≤0.02 Bulk Density(g/cm3) ≥3.60 ≥3.65 Abrasion(%) ≤0.02 ≤0.02 [...]


[Китай]Aluminum Titanate Riser Tube/Stalk Tube/Fill Tube for Aluminum Casting

Aluminium Titanate Ceramic Riser Tube: Product Description: The low pressure casting lift tube is a key part of low pressure die casting machine. In die casting process, molten aluminum (700-900℃)is sent from riser tube to mold cavity every 3~5 minutes.. Compared with traditional steel lift tube, aluminum titanate becomes the optimum material for riser tubes due to its lower thermal expansion, good thermal shock resistance and nonstick aluminum. Physical and Chemical Index: Items Datas Bulk[...]


[Китай]foot anchor

Material: Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Low alloy steel, special steel etc.[...]


[Китай]automobile parts

cast iron and cast steel parts[...]



We can supply Cast Iron, SG Iorn, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, High alloy Steel, Aluminium Alloy &amp; Zinc Castings. Our Castings processes includes Sand Casting, Gravity Die Casting, Pressure Die Casting, Investment Casting (lost Wax), Shell Molded Casting etc. Our Manufacturing Ranges are starting from few Grams thru 2.0 MT / casting.[...]