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[Польша]Двери входные и межкомнатные

Специализируемся на воплощении нестандартных проектов входных и межкомнатных дверей. В процессе производства используем новейшие технологии, материалы и оковку известных производителей. Наши двери украшают дома индивидуальных клиентов, административные объекты и памятники[...]


[Китай]Sell Moulded Door

Product Description: Moulded door with natural wood bark,then 5-7 coats paint[...]


[Китай]Wood-Steel Armoured Door

Product Description: 1)standard Dimensions:860¡Á2,050¡Á80mm, 960¡Á2,050¡Á80mm 2)Thickness of pannel steel:0.6mm 3)Thickness of frame steel:1.5mm 4)Thickness of MDF :8mm 5)Thickness of Bark :0.25 6)Thickness of door leaf:80mm Features: 1)Inner a piece of steel plate 2)Wooden door plate with natural tree skin 3)Door frame with decorative wooden line 4)Material:frame,cold rolled steel sheet 5)Door leaf:cold rolled steel sheet 6)filling:the honeycomb Regaring various patters,colors,sizes,you can[...]


[Китай]Sell European Armoured Door 6003

Product Description: Nature hard solid wood structure of door leaf Inside filled with high density foam board which covered by 2 pcs 0.8mm steel plate Then reforced by 2layers of strong HDF board. Surface finishing by 2 components UV proof high quality painting. Super security , Sound insulation , Severe whether protection , Warm reserve in winter , Convinience for cleaning , Elegant appearance. Specification: Width : 885mm / 985mm Height: 1970mm/2050mm Thickness:[...]


[Китай]Steel Door

1) Material: Cold-rolled steel sheet for door leaf and frame with heat transfer-printing or powder coating. (steel sheet thickness available from 0.6mm~1mm for door panel; 1.2mm~2.0mm for door frame) 2) Door leaf thickness: 5 ~ 9 cm. 3) Opening direction: inward or outward. 4) Lock handle position: on left or right. 5) Interior hinge: opening 90 degrees ( recommend ). External hinge: opening 180 degrees. 6) Infilling: honeycomb material (polyurethane or silicic[...]


[Китай]sell metal and nylon gear rack

Metal Gear Rack Features: 1) Special for automatic sliding gates 2) Module: 4 Galvanized Steel 3) Dimensions: 1005 x 30 x 12 mm Packing:4pcs/ctn Nylon Gear Rack Features: 1) Special for automatic sliding gates 2) Dimensions: 680 x 20 x 28 mm 3) Module: 4 Packing: 8pcs/ctn yolanda qiu sales manager[...]


[Бразилия]wooden door

All timber components are made from selected fully seasoned solid pine timber. Thickness can be 35 and / or 40 mms. All door joints are well made and tight and a smooth excellent finish. Doors are free from splits, cracks, dead-filled knots and blue stain. Doors are flat and free from twist and well sanded ready for painting or varnishing. Doors are free from all surface dust prior to packing and each door are put into a tight and well sealed shrink wrapped polythelene bag. Moisture content is[...]


[Китай]shower screen

Size: 1100*900*1980mm Main material: tempered glass and bamboo wood Base part: 1. Model L015 shower screen, for one person 2. with fixed glass thickness 6mm, glass door thickness 5mm 3. with bamboo profile Optional: bamboo column 1. with 6pcs massage jets on the column 2. with top shower*1pcs[...]


[Польша]Wodden windows

Wodden windows DJ 68- based on Technical Approval AT-15-2948/00 High quality, three-ply pine, without knags and with rounded ledges. After impregnation they are painted by ecological, water-thinned REMMERS acrylic paints which emphasize the natural beauty of timber and give comfort of using. GLASS- double-glazed windows, the emission pane U=1,1, they reduce cost of losing the heat and the level of loudness can be reduced even to 48db. We also can assemble anti- burglary windows,[...]


[Польша]PCV Windows based on Plustec profile

PROFILE – they are made of 3, 4, 5 and even 7 cabin PLUSTEC profile. In theprofile calcium-zink stabilizators are used instead of lead stabilizators.The windows can be made in facing system or without it. Using the veneer gives the effect of a wooden window. GLASS – double-glazed windows, emmission pane U=1,1, they reduce cost of losing the heat and the level of loudness can be reduced even to 48 db. We also can assemble anti-burglary windows, coloured with a reflex cover or with a self-cleaning[...]