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[Китай]Gotu kola extract

Gotu Kola P. E . Latin name: Centella Asiatica Chinese name: Ji Xue Cao Family: Apiaceae Genus: Centella Part used: Total Herb 1 The summary The protophyte of Gotu Kola is regarded as the whole herb of Centella asiatica ( Linn. ) Urban, in the family of Umbelliferae. As one of the Chinese herbal medicines most in use in ancient China, it had millennia in the history to be used in China, India & Indonesia. Shape: Perennial creeper herbaceous, with stem long & thin, smooth also,[...]


[Китай]Bath and body products (W-03)

Besthope Household Products Co., Ltd. specializes in producing and exporting wide range of bath, skin and body care products. Our facilities accord to GMP standard and our products passed FDA and 76/768/EEC certification test. We are creating more than 300 new gift sets design every year. We also welcome OEM order. Our products are as follows: 1: Bath Products: Shower gel, bubble bath, shampoo, conditioner, hand wash, bath oil, bath salts & crystals, bath fizz & soap, bath confetti,[...]


[Польша]No-SCAR 30 ml. Mother of Pearl Anti-Scar Cream

* Diminishes, lightens and smoothes the scars * Fights persistent acne * Reduces stretch marks Indications: The cream is recommended to people with scars caused by burns and scalds, also the postoperative ones and after the ulcerations, as well as to the juveniles with acne. It reduces and smoothes the stretch marks. The cream lightens, softens and smoothes the hardened and overgrown surface of cicatrix tissue, affecting beneficially the collagen structure. Microelements and amino[...]


[Польша]Помада для губ с витаминами

Помада для губ с витаминами * Предлагается в 30 цветах (матовых и перламутровых) * Обогащена комплексом витаминов А и Е, интенсивно увлажняет и смягчает губы * Прекрасно сохраняет цвет на губах и придает им нежный блеск * Содержит защитные фильтры UVA и UVB[...]



[Польша]Противоцеллюлит упруго-гармоничный б

Противоцеллюлит упруго-гармоничный бальзам для тела с алоэ и гидрокомплексом nmf. * Нежный, быстро поглощается бальзам с тройным действием. * Ликвидирует симптомы целлюлита и расхождений и предотвращает возникновению новых. * Регенерирует и поправляет упругость и стройность[...]



[Польша]Средство для ногтей

Средство для ногтей "МОРСКОЙ КРИСТАЛЛ" В состав средства входит экстракт из морских водорослей - источник витаминов. Увлажняя ногтевую пластинку и кутикулыю Это средство придаёт ногтям здоровый блеск и обеспечивает их защиту от негативных воздействий окружающей[...]



[Польша]Водостойкая тушь для ресниц

Водостойкая тушь для ресниц * Тушь изготовлена на натуральных восках и маслах, обогащена провитамином В5. Она хорошо защищает и питает ресницы * Устойчива к воздействию слез и влаги * Оптически утолщает и удлиняет ресницы * Без запаха, не вызывает аллергии * Предлагается[...]



[Польша]Sel De Mer bath

Indulge yourself in a SEL DE MER bath - an exhilarating experience. Provides skin tissues with essential nutrients and oxygen for revitalized, healthy skin. Accelerates the body’s metabolism and improves blood circulation. Natural coarse crystals. Revitalizing and stimulating experience relaxation and stress relief. Alleviates joint stiffness and muscular pain. Instructions: Add one capfull of salts to a bath of warm water (37oC - 40oC). Soak in the bath for 15-20 minutes.[...]


[Польша]Foot Soap for Athlete's Foot and Cracked Skin Between Toes

The Foot Soap for Athlete's Foot and Cracked Skin Between Toes is a unique liquid soap for effective foot hygiene. The soap is enriched with healing herbal extracts of great celandine, mint, oak and chamomile (also known as matricaria) - all these known for their soothing and healing properties that contribute to healthy skin. Taking care of your feet should be a part of your daily routine. It is especially important to look after your feet when problems, such as Athlete's Foot are present in[...]


[Польша]Aloevera shampoo & conditioner

It is specially formulated shampoo to cleanse hair thoroughly. It is rich and pure having a remarkable property of effectively cleaning and conditioning the hair, leaving it healthy and well nourished. It contains Aloevera extract, an excellent hair conditioner which hold back hair fall and improves hair texture. The shampoo as well coditioner are pleasantly perfumed and its exotic fragrance pleases the senses. Apply to wet hair. Massage into a lather. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.[...]