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[Польша]Manometer needle brass stop valve PN 10.0 MPa

Valves are designed for water and air systems and other non-aggressive fluids of nominal pressure PN 10 MPa and temperature up to 393 K (120°C).[...]


[Польша]Manometer cock with threaded sockets

Cocks are designed for installation of manometers on water-pipe networks and systems of other neutral liquids at temperature up to 393 K (120°C).[...]


[Польша]Condensate Drains

Technical specification Series ECO DRAIN for compressor capacities up to 1000 m³/min Industrial standard ECO DRAIN Rugged, reliable and long-lasting are the qualities essential for industrial applications and these are provided in full by the ECO DRAIN series. Versions are available to suit even the most hostile operating conditions such as highly aggressive condensate, freezing temperatures, high pressure or vacuum. Level sensor The capacitive level sensor has no wearing parts and[...]

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[Польша]Flanged non-inclinable water gauge with glass tube PN 1,6 MPa

Water gauges are designed for steam boilers, vessels for water and other liquids which do not cause corrosion of brass at maksimum fluid temperature up to 473 K (200°C). They find application in shipbuilding industry.[...]