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[Китай]sell flange

Detailed Description 1) Standard: UNI, ANSI, API, JIS, BS, DIN,etc. 2) Material:A1O5, SS304,SS316, Q235, ST37.2 etc. 3) Type: thread, slip-on, lap joint, welded neck, socket-weld, blind 4) Size: 1/2"-120" 5) Pressure: Class 150-2500, 5K-30K, PN6-40 6) Certification: ISO9001, TUV, PED Packing: Wooden case or plywood case, as per customers' requests[...]


[Maлайзия]Cold forged screws and shafts

Loud-speaker,pole piece,t-yoke,u-yoke,cone,grille,voice coil,spider,dust cap,basket,surround,diaphragm,tags,magnet,frame, woofer,washer,pole plate,speaker metal parts,Polkern, placa polar, altoparlanti,altovoz,luidspreker,alto falantes,haut-parlear,spyker,hoparlor, parlantes,Lautsprecher,bottom,casters rivet,Pins,Washer,Screws,Nuts,Bolts,Castors, Rivet,Motorcycle components,Placa Polar,Placa Posterior, forging,forged,CNC,gear,forge,tube,Pipe Nipple,spacer,rivet,washer,Screws,Bolt,axle,pin,forming,tapping,speaker,yoke,flange,Shafts,bits,t-yoke,pot,bush,Fastener,boss,rod,Camshaft[...]


[Польша]The self-gripping

The self-gripping TR type devices of new compact design make it possible to form products by upsetting, bending and squeezing and are particularly suitable for small and medium batch production of forgings like pins, mandrels, bolts, axles, spindles, cones, slings for building industry, valve bodies, balls with holes and various blanks. They can also be used for finish forming of previously die forged objects, e.g. for upsetting flanges on valve bodies. The devices can be installed on universal eccentric[...]


[Китай]Forging Casting and Heating treatment

Anshan Ying Yat Trade Co., Ltd. AnShan HongMing Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large comprehensive group combining the industry, commerce and trading. It is situated in the northeast of China where is a main base of the iron and steel production called Anshan Iron and Steel Company. The transportations there are very convenient. We now have the subsidiary companies as follows: workshops for forging, casting and heating treatment. In order to expand the scope of our business, we widely invite[...]