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[Польша]Machining / metal processing services

SERVICES: drilling, lathing, milling, cutting, burning, welding, polishing; traditional techniques and CNC PRODUCTS: car axles and spare parts for excavators, loaders, trucks and busses (axles, knuckles, housing, wheel hubs, brackets, arms, break drums, flanges, rings, covers). The best prove of putting a lot of effort into our job is gaining the Quality Management System ISO 9001-2001 in 2003. Being a member of EU community encourages as to opening up to foreign trade. We are especially[...]


[Китай]Heat treatment furnace accessories

Regular products like heat treatment fixture, trays and grids, cast baskets, roller rails, cast link belts,chain guides,fans, skid riders ,buttons,and other funace parts. Application: : For various types of heat treatment furnaces. Process: Precision casting/Investment casting/Sand casting, machining, sand blasting. Material: High Nickel and high Chrome heat resistant alloys, Cobalt base alloys, like. HU,HT,HK,HP,HW,24/24NbTiZr,50Cr/50Ni(2.4813),1.4865,1.4849,1.4848,1.4410,1.4059,1.4841,[...]


[Литва]Laboratory furnace SNOL 8,2/1100

Precise laboratory electric muffle furnace SNOL 8,2/1100 LD is designed for materials heat treatment-aching process. Furnace can be used in laboratories, educational institutions and industrial laboratories. CONTRACTION: -Outside casing in metal sheet, power painting grey (RAL 7035); -Vacuumed ceramic fibre chamber; -Heating elements are integrated around a chamber; -Four sided heating; -Ceramic bottom plate; - Air intake and exhaust system (chimney, ventilator) Technical data Dimension SNOL[...]



Dear Sir We offer metalworking LATHING In universal lathes: max. diameter 700mm, max. length = 2500mm In NC lathes: max. diameter 650 mm, max. length = 120mm In automatic lathes: max. diameter 40mm MILLING In universal milling machines: max. 250 x 1200mm In drilling machine with horizontal spindle: max. 1200x1200mm, h=600mm, capacity of the table about 4000 kg; GRINDING Rollers: max. diameter 300mm, max. length = 1200mm, Openings: max. diameter 100mm, max. length = 200mm Even surfaces:[...]


[Китай]A27 Spring loaded low lift type safety valve

A27H type are used for the equipment and pipeline of water, air, steam etc. Medium what the working temperature are less than 200℃.A27Y type are used for the equipment and pipeline of the quality with corrode are less than 200℃.Take for extra pressure devices. chinavalve1 china-safetyvalve[...]


[Индия]Aluminum wire feeder Machine.

REMSO is one of the largest manufacturers of Aluminium Wire injection machine for steel melting shops. To inject cored wire into molten metal in ladle furnace for treatment of steel, Iron modification, spheroidzaton, desulphurization, introduction of alloying elements and modifying inclusions for Steel Industries. The equipment is designed for the needs of Large to small metallurgical plants. APPLICATIONS: - Inject cored wire, solid Aluminium wire CaSi, Carbon, Sulphur, Calcium cored[...]


[Индия]Wire Injection

Our CORED WIRE INJECTIN MACHINE is supplied to traders, distributors and end users worldwide and includes some of the largest and most respected name in the Iron and Steel industry. We have state of the art modern integrated manufacturing plant for Metallurgy Cored wire. Which produce Fastening wrap, without leakage of powder, no folded line, no weak line, no empty line, well-proportioned powder density and bright surface without smear in 9mm, 13mm, 16mm diameter. Package: In vertical (eye to sky)[...]



HIGH-TEMP “RED”™ Lithium Complex (Tacky) Red Grease Dropping Point – 500ºF. minimum, 540ºF maximum – NLGI #2 Worked Penetration 280 - Four Ball Wear, mm scar 0.55 mm, Oil Separation, % 5% max Rust Protection Pass 1, 1, 1 - Four Ball EP Weld, kg 315 - Load Wear Index 45 Low Temp Torque - 3.75 @ -40ºC, % Fretting Wear Protection, mg 6.5 Water Washout @80ºC, % - Less than 5.0 - Wheel Bearing Life, Hours 100 + Timken OK Load, 45 - lbs. Min Wheel Bearing Leakage, 7.0 Gms.[...]


[Польша]Aluminium treatment

Aluminium treatment, including: Forming (bending to any required fixed or variable radius, press works), machining (precision-cutting at any angle, turning, milling), welding, polishing, thermal bond clamping. The proximity of the aluminium section press factories and close collaboration with Poland's most qualified painters and anode-treating works allows one stop shopping for ready solutions in aluminium profiles with paint and assembly included.[...]


[Польша]Metal Spinning,Spun Metal.

Our company offers doing various types of plastic and mechanical metal working, especially roll flowing, stamping, turning, milling, cold roll forming, cutting, sawing, polishing, grinding, welding, soldering, fusion welding and spinning of spare parts, elements, good, accessories, advertising gadgets together with assembling and metal finishing.[...]

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