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[Китай]Lamp for Automotive Lighting

MP-Mfg is a projectional contract molder with injection press ranging from 50T to 800T, serving customer of different needs. Processing a wide range of materials(including filled and blended matrial to obtain the specified density, color, UV stability, chemical resistance, impact strength, flexural strength, and wear ability. Some of the those mateirals are Acrylic, ABS, PS, PVC, PC, Nylon, PP etc. MP-Mfg is also well experienced in gas assisted injection molding, over-molding,insert molding process.[...]


[Китай]Precision machined parts as PVDF material

1. Certificate:ISO9001:2008/TS16949 2.14 Years Experience 3.Tolerance: ISO2768-f 4.Surface treatment available 5.utilize 3D software to design 6.Familiarize English,Italian,German drawings 7.Dimension range:OD=2-800mm,L5-2000mm,W5-1200mm 8.Small quantity accepted 9.High quality and reasonable price. 10.Material range: Steel, Stainless Steel , Alloy Steel, Cast Iron, CPM 10V, carbon Steel, Nickel, Monel, Titanium, Tool Steel, Tungsten, Aluminum, Aluminum Bronze, Beryllium Copper, Brass,[...]


[Китай]Precision mechanical processing

1) Precision CNC machined metal parts for motorcycle, automotive parts and machine parts, and electronic components. 2) Precision parts for fixtures, jigs, machinery devices and machinery equipment. 3) Main equipment: Precision automatic lathe, CNC machines, punch machines. 4) Processing range: Our processing range of products cover external diameter of 0.5 - 40mm with tolerance to+/-0.002mm. 5) Quality guideline: Continuous improvement, upgrade step by step[...]


[Китай]Spinning rotor for Schlafhorst Autocoro SE7/8, SE9/10

Coating: Diamange coating Type: 331---346 Groove: T, U, G, S Working life: 20,000 hours for standard pure material.[...]


[Китай]Spinning rotor for Rieter R1/R20(117)

Coating: Diamante coating Diameter: 28mm—56mm Groove: S, N, DII, R Working life: 20,000 hours for standard pure material. for machine: Rieter RU11, RU14, R1, R20, etc.[...]


[Польша]O-RINGS, O-ring

Marking O-rings that we provide are marked according to a system which gives the inner diameter, cross-section diameter, material code and hardness. Material As a standard we offer o-rings made of NBR 70Sh nitrile rubber. However in our offer you may find hardness types ranging from 30Sh to 90Sh and materials, such as NBR, FPM, EPDM, SIL, delivered also in required color on request. We are able to offer our customers ca. 250 different material mixtures. Certificates Since customers[...]



[Китай]triplex mud pump F-1000

We offer a full line of single acting triplex mud pumps, the F Series, rated from 500HP to 1,600HP. Small, compact and efficient, our F series is compatible to the industry-recognized F series. It has longer stroke lengths than the others and therefore less number of strokes per minute is needed for the same output. This special feature prolongs service life and enhances reliability. It is versatile in application and especially suitable for medium to deep oil wells. F-1000 single acting triplex[...]


[Китай]mud pump crankshaft

The crankshaft is made of cast alloy steel and is furnished with big geared ring, connecting rod and bearing. The tooth form of the big-geared ring is herringbone gear. The gear bore and the crankshaft surface is interference fitted and they are both fastened with bolts and lock nuts. The big end of the connecting rod is mounted on three eccentric straps of the crankshaft through single row short cylindrical roller bearings and the small end on the crosshead pin through double row long cylindrical[...]


[Китай]Sell China HRB deep groove ball bearings bearing suppliers 6200

Sell China HRB deep groove ball bearings bearing suppliers 6200 Deep groove ball bearing is the most commonly used rolling bearing. Its structure is simple, and it can be easy to operate. They are mainly used for standing the radial load. But when the radial play is increasing, they have the performance of angular contact bearing assembly. In that case, they may simultaneously stand the radial loads and the axial loads. In some cases, which are not suitable to using spherical roller thrust bearing[...]


[Польша]STROMAG clutches EKE 10, EKE 16,EKE 25, EKE 40

We offer original STROMAG clutches - different types: EKE 10s, EKE 16s, EKE 25s, EKE 40s ERD 5, ERD 10, ERD 16, ERD 25, etc EZE 5, EZE 10, EZE 16, EZE 25, EZE 40 EMD 5, EMD 10, EMD 16, EMD 25, EMD 40, EMD 63, etc. EFL 6s, EFL 10s, EFL 16s ESD 2, ESD 5, ESD10, ESD 16, ESD 25, ESD 40, ESD 63 EDE 4s, EDE 6s, EDE 10s, EDE 16s, EDE 25s, EDE 40s[...]