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[Китай]LTD33 LED light module led lights

LTD33 LED light module led lights Colors:Red,blue,amber,white and green Material:PC Power:2W Weight:0.3kg Size:125*50*50mm Features: 1.The lampshade is made from high quality polycarbonate material, 2.Adopting newest extra bright one unit LED module as light sources; Long life, extra brightness and low power consumption; Colored light sources with special optical lenses for excellent signaling effect, 3.with the feature of Low heat emission, Long service life,Low power consumption,[...]


[Китай]LTD37 LED light controller led lighting

LTD37 LED light controller led lighting Colors:red,blue,amber,white Power:12W Weight:1.2kg Size:86*50*55mm Feature: This kind of product is adopted newest GenIII LEDs as head or tail light. available in 1, 2 &4 head configurations, Mounts inside head or tail light clusters.[...]


[Китай]ZUDEN -Chinese leading manufacturer of Security Alarm System,GSM alarm,CCTV Camera,PTZ Dome,DVR

ZUDEN - Chinese leading manufacturer of Security products: Wire/ Wireless Alarm System,GSM alarm system,Fire alarm system,GPS & GSM Car alarm system,GPS tracker,Car Alarm System,CCTV System,CCTV surveillance camera,PTZ Domes,DVR etc. For more infomation, please visit or send an email at: kingwwj@gmail.com,kingwangw@hotmail.com ZUDEN - Fabricante profesional de Seguridad Alarmas,GSM Alarmas,Detección de Intrusión,Monitoreo de Alarmas,Detección de Incendio,CCTV Camaras,DVR,PTZ domo,GSM Automóvil[...]


[Китай]SAAT-H521 Active Handheld Reader

Features Selectable built-in wireless device such as GPRS, GPS,WIFI, Bluetooth 1D or 2D bar code scanner module Windows CE 5.0 operation system USB interface and RS-232 interface 8 hours Continuous Working Technical data Frequency Band--2.400-2.4835GHz Reading Range-- 0-80m(adjustable) Simultaneous Tag Detection—200 Sensitivity-- -95dBm Waterproof--IP65 Software---development kit of API (C++ and C#) Arvell Xscale PXA 270 520MHz CPU Applications Persons position, Asset tracking,[...]


[Китай]SAAT-T504 Metal Active RFID Tag

Features Reading range>1500m Exclusive low- power consumption, longer working time Permanent 4-byte basic ID and user-rewriting 4-byte extension ID Active and passive operating model EAS function can set 8 security codes Battery auto-detecting, low-power alarm PVC plastic shell, high-tension, waterproofing IP67 Unique tag design, effectively prevent tags dismantling from regulatory objects without permission Unique antenna design with anti-metal, it has no effect on the tag performance[...]


[Китай]SAAT-T501 Active Ultra-thin RFID Tag

Features Exclusive low- power consumption, longer working time Permanent 4-byte basic ID and user-rewriting 4-byte extension ID Active and passive operating model PVC plastic shell, high-tension, waterproofing IP67 Battery auto-detecting, low-power alarm EAS function can set 8- security codes Technical Data Operating Frequency--2.400-2.4835GHz Operating Range-- >150M Battery life--5 –year life Power Supply--750m Ah lithium battery Memory Space-- 512-byte Size-- 86mm×54mm×2mm Sensitivity--[...]


[Китай]Burglar Alarm,security burglar alarms

4 wireless zone, 5 diffient coding remote control, althorn Inside and volume can be changed, wireless code automatic learning detector, Infrared device self-regulation function. Wireless burglar alarm ( 1 kdl-1000B2 host, 1 kdl-315B1remote controller and 2 Infrared devices, 1 AC Adapter ). Main unit link extend Station with code wireless. Main unit: AC 180V-240V, DV12V, Static current lower than 3.5mA and warning grade lower than 100dB. Extend Station: Infrared range is 6-10m, Angles[...]


[Китай]Photoelectric Beam Detector,home security

Active Infrared beam correlation(4 beams of infrared light correlation, LED indicator light, defy RFI/EMI highly and capability of defy light up to 50000LUX, can be avoid car lights and highlight, filtering highlight system can be self-regulation, using Infrared digital pulse, Optical Sight inside which can be precision tuning, rain(fog) and dust (insect) protected in any wicked condition). Guardrange(200m), Currentconsumption(100mAmax)200m Guard Range, DC13.8-24V AC11-18V, 100mA current for[...]


[Китай]Photoelectric Beam Detector,photoelectric sensor

Initiative Infrared bijection wall(using CPU microprocessor, PC project joint for plastic tube, 360revolve changed) have wireled/wireless/compatible/highly polymorphic/Multiple light beam. It can be installd in any condition, detect farer range, 8 grade High Definition Indicator. It also be fit for door/wall/window/balcony and stopping park. Effective/Overall length: 22cm/39cm 1.02kg Static current(90max)DC12V~18V, 3A 125V AC/ 5V 2W DC electric relay touch spot MB, 50ms triggering time. 76mm*73mm,[...]


[Китай]Hydrogen sensors

Model:HY - HS01 Use: Hydrogen leak and concentration sensor detection Features: Small size, easy to use, high sensitivity, wide range of induction concentration of hydrogen. Simple and rapid reduction,auto-alarm device,flashlight function,can adapt to relative humidity of 100% of the external environment, stable performance, non-polluting Technical parameters: Lowest concentration monitoring: > 2 % Operating temperature: 5- 90ºC Detection range: Radius 100 mm - infinite Life:> 10000[...]