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4 DOORS ACCESS CONTROL KIT - This PC-1074 is designed for high-secirity access control and real-time monitoring environments from medium size to complex multi-site installations. - It is an independent processing 4 doors access control package with metal enclosure, backup battery charger as an efficient space saving design. - Supporing 8 Wiegands or RS-485 ports for entry 7 exit control. - Designed with 4 DI (digital input) and 4 DO (digital outputs) for light, air conditioning, surveillance,[...]



Long Range Proximity Reader This long range reader designed for hand free personnel & vehicle access control. Depending on models, the PFH-9210-60 reader can read the passivecard up to 60 cm, PFH-9210-620 can read active tag of PFH-320 to 3 meters and read PFH-620 active tag to max. 6meters reading range.[...]



Intelligent 3 in 1 design for proximity card reader/access controller/time & attendance PP-6750VL 2000 users, 1000 events PP-6750VM 30000 users, 10000 events PP-6750VN 11000 users, 32000 events PP-6750VP 11000 users, 8000 events[...]


[Китай]nonwoven face mask, bouffant cap, protection uniform,shoe cover

we are manufacturer and exporter here in china for clean rooom products and esd products,such as antistatic shoe,antistatic chair ,antistatic garment, antistatic cloth, eva ,pvc ,nonwoven face mask and so on.[...]


[Южная Корея]cellular phone jammer (blocker)

Dear Sir, We supply cellular phone jammer. Our celluar jammer can block all kinds of cellular phone with high quality and competitive price to the world as cellular phone jammer, mobile jammer, mobile phone jammer, cellular blocker, immobilizer, disabler, stopper... for security, anti-terro. *** Specifications *** Block System: NEXTEL, CDMA/AMPS/TDMA/NMTP, Etacs, GSM900, GSM1800/DCS, DECT, PHS, W-CDMA, PCS/TACS, 3G (UMTS,CDMA2000) *** Product list 1. (Y050 : type A, E) Handheld ([...]


[Китай]Hydrogen sensors

Model:HY - HS01 Use: Hydrogen leak and concentration sensor detection Features: Small size, easy to use, high sensitivity, wide range of induction concentration of hydrogen. Simple and rapid reduction,auto-alarm device,flashlight function,can adapt to relative humidity of 100% of the external environment, stable performance, non-polluting Technical parameters: Lowest concentration monitoring: > 2 % Operating temperature: 5- 90ºC Detection range: Radius 100 mm - infinite Life:> 10000[...]


[Китай]Piezo Siren

Mini-Piezo-Siren-Electronics-horns-strobe-interior-internal-alarm-electronic siren-outdoor-siren-bell-box-piezo-siren-burglar-alarm-sounder-speaker-tweeter-car-with-Strobe-Battery-backup-Fire-electronic-motorcycle-buzzer-High-Volume-Low-Current-indoor-Super-Loud-power-piezo-siren-intruder-alarm-siren-car-alarm-siren-burglar-alarm-siren-Security-Warning-Device-Sirens-Beacons-Miniature-screamer-audio-audible-annunciator[...]


[Венгрия]GSM Gate Control

Control (open / close) of electric gates and barriers with free GSM call with phone number recognition: Control of relays with free phone call Sending SMS on the state change of the 4 contact inputs Programmable through USB, SMS or GSM data call Large event memory[...]


[Taйвань]Contactless card reader

Mifare, EM or HID card reader[...]


[Китай]Perimeter Protection added to home and office security

Using Alarm Receiver and Alarm Transfer for Solar Powered Wireless beams and grating, you can add perimeter protection for courtyard, balcony, windows to prevent illegal invasion. Functions and description: 1. This is multifunction receiver and transfer for same manufactured solar powered wireless beams and grating. 2. It can be manually arm or automatically arm. 3. It receives wireless alarm signal of perimeter protection detectors and alarm by sound and switch output for further processing[...]