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[Гонконг]27LED Headlamp (87074)

Product Name: 27LED Headlight Item No.: ML87074 Features: 1) Material: ABS 2) Shell color: Silver 3) LED Number: 27pcs 4) Function: The socket part can adjust to project light upon, the angle up and down; 5 models switch: 3LED bulbs on, 12LED bulbs on, 27LED bulbs on, 27LED bulbs flicker, all bulbs off 5) Battery: 3 x AAA (#7) (not included) 6) Packing: 1pc color box / 80pcs 7) CTN size: 53x31x33cm[...]

Проверенный ПартнерЕврофирма


[Китай]Vitamin D3 lamp-Mercury Vapor,uv lamp

The design & quality of these bulbs have been improved by shortening the stem of the bulb allowing it to now fit into a standard 10" deep dome reflector. The glass casing is also improved allowing better penetration of UVB and increased stability and longer life.[...]


[Китай]Mosquito Repelling lamp

Once turn on, the mosquito repelling lamps emits a yellow color with a special spectrum that are sensitive to the compound eyes of insects like mosquitoes. The ULTRAVIOLET region of the electromagnetic visual spectrum of the lamp works wonders in driving mosquitoes away Product name: Mosquito Repelling lamp Model No: MR-SP Wattage: 13W 20W 26w Voltage: 110-120v 220-240v Base: E26/E27/B22/others[...]


[Китай]Negative Ion Spiral lamp

Ions are formed when an electron is detached from a neutral molecule (or atom).The molecule losing an electron becomes a positive ion and the molecule gaining an electron becomes a negative ion. High levels of negative air ions are created by lightning, rolling surf, cosmic rays, waterfalls and UV light. Today’s lifestyle destroys our natural environment, depleting negative oxygen ions and causing detrimental effects to all living creatures. Product name: Negative Ion Spiral lamp Model No:[...]


[Китай]Led Lamp



[Китай]Smart Dragon Series Lamp

Rectangular in shape, the SD series lamp is better suited for square or rectangular fixtures. The SD series fits well in road, tunnel and building flood light fixtures. It is available wattages ranging from 40-300W. Smart Dragon Specifications Type Warr Volts Lumen LVD-GY-LL-40W 5 YR 220/120/277,12/24DC 2400-2800 LVD-GY-LL-80W 10 YR 220/120/277,12/24DC 5200-6000 LVD-GY-LL-120W 10 YR 220/120/277 8400-9600 LVD-GY-LL-200W 10[...]


[Китай]Venus Series Lamp

Venus series has a unique mushroom-shaped bulb to enhance light output. It comes in both compact attached ballast with typical threaded socket, and separate ballast configurations. We are currently extending research in this series into lower residential wattages that will be available soon. Future releases will also have a unique form factor to increase and maintain even spread output. Venus Specifications Type Warr Lumen volt Color Temp. K[...]


[Китай]Saturn Series Lamp

Saturn form factor is donut-shaped; well-suited for round fixtures such as low/high bay industrial lighting, retail and general outdoor lighting. Our Saturn series lamps have even been installed in recessed can fixtures for use in general office lighting projects. It is available in 40-300W. Saturn Specifications Type Warr Volts Lumen LVD-TX2B-40W 5 YR 220/120/277, 12/24DC 2400-2800 LVD-GY-TX-40W 10 YR 220/120/277,12/24DC 2400-2800 LVD-GY-TX-80W 10[...]



Our fixtures are available for purchase, OEM or as sample designs for your use. As our core business is manufacturing lamps for most markets, we do not sell fixtures directly. They are available as OEM products under your brand or as a base for your own fixture designs. We can also help you design or retrofit a fixture. Review our Applications section to see how these types of fixtures can be used. Highbay Fixtures (1) Product Code: 0301 Model: SOKO-DL001 Size: 320x380x510 Dia. Material: Aluminum Wattage:[...]


[Китай]Electronic IC Ballasts

Our electronic ballasts are the industry leader for induction lamps. With integrated circuit board technology, they have superior control, stability and durability. They create other opportunities such as remote monitoring and colored output based on frequency. Ballast Specifications (Venus Series) Model Warr Volts Inner Frequency LVD-DQ-F12V-15W 5 YR 9.5—16V - 1.3A LVD-DQ-F12V-23W 5 YR 9.5—16V - 2.0A LVD-DQ-F12V-40W 5 YR 9.5—16V - 3.8A LVD-DQ-F24V-15W 5[...]