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[Poland]Rotary screw compressors with V-belt drive

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Rotary screw compressors with V-belt drive to 450 kW

FS to HS series
FADs from 35 to 79.2 m³/min,
Motor powers from 250 to 450 kW,
Standard pressures 7.5/10/13 bar

Designing for high air demand

Sometimes, depending on the application, compressed air supply systems are highly complex. They can only be efficiently operated over the long term if just as much importance is placed on this fact during the design, extension or modernisation as it is during daily operation. With ADA and KESS (Air Demand Analysis and KAESER Energy Saving System) an analysis and energy saving system is available to you as a comprehensive service concept that can assess the optimum means of supplying the compressed air needed for your production facility. This service combines elements such as compressed air components, user advice and services that have proven themselves over years of practice with new ideas made possible by the optimised use of data processing in the compressed air field. Air systems planned and designed by KAESER are characterised by their efficient use of energy. Compressor duty cycles of 95 percent and more are possible. Air quality tailored to the application at lowest cost with high operational reliability is a further characteristic typical of a Kaeser air system.

This high standard has been achieved through decades of experience in system and plant design, computer-aided system analysis and 3-D design aids.
Take advantage of this know how. Have your compressed air supply system designed and installed by KAESER.

Save energy with the KAESER SIGMA PROFILE
Every KAESER airend is equipped with rotors featuring the energy-saving SIGMA PROFILE. Manufactured according to strict quality standards and supported by precision-aligned roller bearings they guarantee long operational life and outstanding reliability.

The compressor controller is based on a rugged, updateable industrial computer with a real-time operating system. 'Traffic light' LEDs clearly indicate the operational status.

Automatic belt tensioning
The automatic belt tensioner ensures constantly good transmission efficiency and high drive system reliability.

Premium efficiency motor
High-quality electric motors built to the European CEMEP eff1 standard are motors with a high degree of efficiency and very low power consumption. Their low operating temperature is an added plus under high ambient temperature conditions.

Optimised separation system
The combination of flow-optimised initial separation and a special separator cartridge results in a minimal fluid content in the outlet air of less than 2 mg/m³. The maintenance needs of this separator system are extremely low.
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