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[China]Sell GSM car alarm J030S

Description: 1. GSM frequency: 900MHz, 1800MHz 2. GSM cell phone carrier 3. Friendly human voice instruction 4. Hopping code 5. Arm/disarm by phone, and remote control 6. Two-stage shock alarm modes 7. False alarm trigger prevention 8. Alarm with SMS 9. SMS order control 10. Will call up 3 alarm phone numbers when there is an alarm. 11. Anti-hijacking 12. Override switch 13. Remote engine start/stop 14. Sensitivity of shock sensor adjustable 15. Checking system status by telephone 16.[...]


[China]Sell GSM car alarm J029

1. GSM cell phone carrier 2. Friendly human voice instruction 3. Arm/disarm by phone, and remote control 4. Two-stage shock alarm modes 5. False alarm trigger prevention 6. Will call up 3 alarm phone numbers when there is an alarm. 8. Override switch 9. Sensitivity of shock sensor adjustable 10. Checking system status by telephone 11. Status LED indicator 12. Trigger alarming (opening the door and engine start) 13. Shocking alarming 14. Power off alarming 15. Bonnet open alarming 16.[...]


[Israel]Doorphone Access Control for Private House

The DR-200-set is a 2 wires system, that includes push button panel and AR-200 adapter, which adapt between the DR-200 push button panel to the main telephone line coming to the house allowing the homeowner to grant access and speak with the visitor through any telephone in the house including wireless. *A 5-Wires Model is also avilable to order connect directly to intercom handset. Features: - Lighted or non lighted push button available - Out / in door installation - Simple to[...]


[Israel]Access control for Pbx Extension Push-button Panel

The Doorphone can be connected to an analog port of a PBX or a key system and allows the dialed party to open the door for the caller using the telephone keypad. Features: - Lighted or non lighted push button. - Designed for surface mount installation. - Hands free intercom. - Out / in door installation. - Simple to operate and program. - Smart looking durable design. - Silver or anodized bronze color available.[...]


[Hungary]Portable Walkthrough Metal Detector

M-SCOPE - The world's most versatile walkthrough metal detector. Ask our product catalogue and comparison chart.[...]



1)Applies to the villa or single room 2)Supports door bell, intercom, video, monitoring and the door releasing 3)Outdoor camera with infrared auxiliary 4)Supports 4 indoor phone parallel connection and inter-call 5)Indoor phone support several chord bell selectable 6)Mate with remote controller 7)Connection layout: 4wires[...]


[China]GSM Alarm, King Pigeon S110

A Top Safety and Protection Solution In The Worldwide! Name: GSM Alarm System Model: S110 The GSM Alarm System S110 with multi-functions. It integrated GSM Module inside, and almost all useful functions and features of the alarm systems in the worldwide markets. Also it with innovative and experienced functions and features to meet the required and potential demands. The GSM Alarm System S110 is a new security protection solution. It is special for home, house and office and other applications.[...]


[China]King Pigeon GSM Alarm,

King Pigeon Hi-Tech.Co.,Ltd., the biggest GSM Alarm CE Approved OEM supplier, including GSM Home alarm, support SMS Commands. The advantage of the S3523: 1. 8 wireless Zones and 2 hardwired zones. 2. Support SMS function. the system will automatically send SMS to you what zone was trigged. 3. With Intercom and wiretap functions, so you can speak to the house or listen into the house. 4. With AC power status monitor function. 5. With voice instructions and voice alert functions. 6. Based[...]


[China]H.264 4ch SD Card Mobile DVR/Vehicle DVR,Car DVR,Bus DVR

> H.264 video compression algorithm ideal > compact size(the car CD machine standard size) and standard car electronic interface, easy for embedded installation > Multi-information display and recording: Car Number, Time, Channel, , Speed, and Station name information, support freely setting of overlay and recording > Support wide voltage car power supply input(8~60V), protection of overvoltage, under-voltage, short circuit and over-current > Air connector interface used, provide[...]


[Taiwan]GSM Intercom

This SS91A-M GSM Door Phone is a new entrance GSM intercom (GSM access control systems,GSM door entry systems) and an ideal product replacing the traditional entrance intercom. It allows you to speak with visitors standing at your company or house entrance by simply pressing the door button and you can open the door for them while talking with the visitors by operating your handset. This SS91A-M GSM access control system gives you opportunity not only to know who is waiting in front of your company[...]